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Youth Baseball: Oregon
Aloha Knights

Baseball Oregon

Baseball Oregon

Battle Creek Little League

Boring Damascus Little League

Clackamas Babe Ruth Baseball

Clackamas County Fall Baseball

Clackamas County Junior Baseball Assn

Clackamas Little League

Columbia Gorge Hustlers

Emerald Valley Little League

Evergreen Little League

Grey Gladiators

Illinois Vallley Little League

Junior Baseball of Oregon, Inc.

Mud Dawg Baseball

Newberg Senior Federal Tigers

Newport Baseball and Softball Association

North Salem JBO

Northern Oregon Cal Ripken Baseball

Oregon City Red Soxs

Oregon District 2 Little League

Oregon District 9 Little League

Redmond Cubs Baseball Club

Salem Senators

Salem Triple Threat

Scappoose Little League

Tualatin Hills Babe Ruth

Wayne Wolverines Junior Legion Baseball

West Linn Baseball

West Salem Baseball

West Salem JBO


Wilsonville Youth Sports, Inc.

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