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Youth Baseball: North Carolina
Apex Firebirds

Apex Senators

Asheville Avalanche

Asheville Outlaws

Carolina Blast AAU

Carolina Blaze

Carolina Bulldogs

Carolina Bulldogs

Carolina Cobras AAU

Carolina Copperheads

Carolina Crush

Carolina Express 13u

Carolina Flames

Carolina Force

Carolina Scorpions A.A.U.

Carolina Thunder

Carolina Tigers

Cary Bulls

Catawba Valley Storm

Cherryville Youth Sports

Cleveland Wildcats

Crystal Carolina Sports

Durham Babe Ruth League

Durham Diamondbacks

East Surry Titans

Erwin Youth League

Fuquay-Varina Predators

Fury Baseball 11u

Fury Baseball 12u

Garner Cobras

Garner Pirates

Garnet Crush

Gastonia DirtDobbers

Gates County Babe Ruth League

Greater Wake Forest Area Baseball Commission

Greensboro Pirates

Hasty Cardinals T-Ball

Hillandale Sports Association

Hope Mills Youth Association

Indian Trail Athletic Assoc Rookie Reds

Kannapolis Dixie Youth Baseball

Kernersville Cardinals

Mallard Creek Tar Heels

Matthews Cougars

Matthews Hawks

Matthews Mudcats

Matthews Travel Baseball

Mills River Mudcats

The Mountain Rockhounds

N. C. Stix

Nattional Junior Athletic Association

NC Cleveland Indians

Newport River Dawgs

North Carolina Baseball Academy 12U

North Carolina Diamond Dawgs

North Carolina Little League District 5

North Carolina Little League Information Center

North Durham Little League

North Wake County Baseball Association

Olde Providence Knights

Olive Hill Athletic Association

Perquimans Outlaws

Piedmont Panthers


Raleigh Redwings

Raleigh Rockhounds

Rocky Mount Baseball

Sandhills Rivercats

Sardis Dixie Youth Baseball League

Smoky Mountain Crusaders AAU Baseball

South Durham Little League

South Wake Storm

South Wake Storm AAU Baseball

South West Forsyth Little League

Tar Heel Leagues, Inc.

TPG Wolverines

Triad Baseball Association - AAU

Triad Gators

Triad Sox

Triangle Thunder AAU Baseball

University City Express

Wake Forest Warriors

Walkertown Little League

Walkertown Pirates

Wayne County Babe Ruth

West Raleigh Baseball Association

Western North Carolina USSSA

Wilmington Pirates

Winston Salem Jayhawks

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