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Youth Baseball: Michigan
Northwest Suburban League

A. Green Baseball Program

All American Baseball Association

Anchor Bay Angels

Berkley Dads' Club Baseball

Birmingham Blaze

Birmingham Little League

Birmingham Storm

Branch County Hurricanes

Brandywine Cal Ripken

Brighton Travel Baseball

Bulldog Baseball

Central Michigan Cyclones

Charlotte Junior Orioles

Diamond Back Classic Little League Tournament

Downriver Outlaws

Dragon Warriors

Grand Ledge Pony/Colt Baseball League

Great Lakes Spartans

Howell Area Junior Baseball Assoc.

Kensington Valley Baseball Softball Association

Lakeshore Youth Baseball & Softball Association

LCN Baseball

Livingston Storm

Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation

Macomb Cobras

Metro Detroit Dodgers

Michigan BPA

Michigan Jets

Michigan Longhorns

Michigan Red Hawks

Michigan Seminoles

Michigan Sharks

Michigan Slammers

Michigan Wolves

Michigan Yankees

Middleville Trojans

Midwest Alliance Travel Baseball League

Milan Diamond Dogs

Milford Jr Mavericks

Milford Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Motor City Bulldogs

Motor City Cobras

Motor City Marlins

Muskegon ChannelCats

NBSA Northville Baseball

Northville Broncos

Northwood Plainwell Little League

Okemos Baseball/Softball Club

Ovid-Elsie Youth Baseball

Plainwell Warriors

Port Huron Athletics Federation

Riverview Baseball Association

Saline Blue Jays

Shelby Baseball and Softball Club

Shelby Stars

Skills & Drills Youth Baseball

South End Little League

South Oakland A's

Southfield A's

Southfield Cardinals

St. Clair Shores Baseball Softball Assoc.

Stingrays Travel Baseball

Tecumseh Travel Baseball

Wallace Warriors

Washtenaw Ametuer Baseball Assoc.

West Shore Storm

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