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Youth Baseball: Louisiana
Angels Baseball Organization

Ascension Geismar Baton Rouge Babe Ruth League

B.R. Rough Cut Indians

Baton Rouge Gray Tigers

Baton Rouge Hurricanes

Baton Rouge Orioles

Baton Rouge Raiders

Baton Rouge Rockies

Baton Rouge Rough Cut League

Bayou Katz

The Blaze

Carencro Area Youth Sports

Central Bandits

Central Braves

Cindy Achberger Youth Baseball Association

Cleary Allstars

Crushers Baseball

DeRidder Dixie Youth 15-18

Louisiana All Star Baseball Team

Louisiana Knights

Mandeville Braves

Muckdogs Baseball

Shreveport Tigers

South Louisiana Tigers

South Plaquemines Renegades

St. Landry Lions Pony Baseball

Team Louisiana

West Carroll Dixie Youth Astros

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