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Youth Baseball: Canada
Abbotsford Minor Baseball Association

Ajax Spartans Midget 'A'

Alberta Collegiate Baseball Foundation

Ancaster Little League

Baseball Calgary

Baseball Ontario - Team Ontario

Baseball Québec

Baseball Québec Federation
Official Site

Bedford Blues Bantam 'A'

Bolton Minor Baseball Association

Brampton Red Sox

Bullett Proof Allstars

Bullett Proof Prospects

Burlington Bulls

Burlington Major Midget AAA Bulls

Calgary South Little League

Canadian Region Little League Historical Results

Canadian Thunderbirds

Central Saanich Extreme

Coquitlam Red Legs

Dollard Amateur Baseball Assosiation

Drayton Valley District Minor Baseball Club

Ducs1 Moustique AA

East York Baseball Association

East York Baseball League

East York Bulldog 93s

East York Bulldogs

Fish Creek Little League

Fort McMurray (Alberta) Little League

Fort Saskatchewan Minor Baseball

Fraser Valley (B.C.) Dodgers

Fredericton Midgets "AAA" Royals

Georgetown (ONT) Baseball Association

Georgina Minor Baseball Association

Grey Bruce and North Dufferin Baseball League

Grey Bruce Baseball League

GTA Stars

Guelph Minor Baseball Association

Halton Athletic Club

Kamloops Minor Baseball Association

Kitchener Minor Baseball Association

Langley Blaze

Leaside Baseball Association

Little League Canada, Ontario District 6

Little League Victoria (BC District 7)

London Badgers

Markham District Baseball Association

Markham Mariners

Martingrove Baseball League

Mid-West Athletics

Milton Minor Baseball Association

Mississauga Baseball Association

Mississauga Majors Baseball Association

Mississauga North Major Midget AAA Tigers

Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association

Moncton & District Minor Baseball Association Inc.

NDG Lynx Report

NDG Minor Baseball

Niagara Rebels

Norcrest Little League

North Langley (B.C.) Little League

North York Baseball Association

Oakville (ONT) Little League

Oakville Minor Baseball Association

Ontario Maple Leafs

Ontario Renegades

Orleans Little League (Ontario District 6)

Ottawa Knights

Penticton Minor Baseball Association

Perth and District Little League

Phoenix Elite

Rexdale Renegades

Richmond Hill Phoenix

Richmond Hill Phoenix Major Bantam

Riverside (Ontario) Minor Baseball

Saskatoon Minor Baseball

Saskatoon Riversdale Kiwanis Little League

Scarborough Baseball Association

Scarborough Stingers

Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association

Simcoe Minor Baseball Association

Smythe Park (ONT) Reds

South Jasper Place Minor Baseball Association

St-Lazare Little League Association

St-Lazare Minor "A" Broncos

St. Albert Minor Baseball Association

St. Catharines Minor Baseball Association

Sudbury Minor Baseball Association

The Surrey Canadian Baseball Association

Team Ontario

Titan de Bellefeuille

Toronto Baseball Association

Toronto Baseball Association

Toronto Playgrounds Midget Baseball

Tri-City Indians

Tri-City Indians

Vancouver Community Baseball

Vancouver Minor Baseball

Vaudreuil-Dorion Baseball

Vaughan Baseball Association

Victoria & District Baseball Association

Victoria Capitals
British Columbia

Victoria DreamTeam

Waterdown Minor Baseball Association

Waterloo Tigers AAA

Welland Mustangs Minor Baseball

Welland Renegades

West Kootenay Jays

West Shore Baseball Association

Westside Minor Baseball Association

Whitby Minor Baseball Association

Windsor Titans

Woodside Mosquito Blue Jays

WPW Knights

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