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Rules and Umpiring
ABUA-Great Britain

Amateur Baseball Umpire Association

The Amateur Baseball Umpire Home Page

American Federation of Umpires

Anne Arundel Umpire Association (AAUA)

Arizona District 2 Umpires

Ask the Ump
South Jersey Sports Online

Association of Minor League Umpires

Babe Ruth Baseball National Umpires Association

Base Ball Umpires

Baseball Alberta Umpires Homepage

Baseball Rulebook Guru

British Columbia Baseball Umpires Association

Cal Umpire Association

California Baseball Umpires Association

Camelback Umpires & Officials Supplies

Chesapeake Umpires Association, Inc.

Coconut Creek LL Umpires

Colorado Springs Baseball Umpire Association

Czech Baseball Umpires

Douglas County Umpires Association

Dutch Baseball & Softball Umpires Union (BUBS)

East Kansas Umpires Association

Elgin (IL) Area Officials Assoiciation

Erindale Umpires Association

Florida District 10 Umpires

Frederick County (MD) Umpires Association

Haley's Umpire Association

Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires

Interactive Baseball Rules

Italian Umpires Web Site

Jefferson County Umpires Association

Jim Evans Umpire School

Jim's Baseball Rules Answers

Kenai Peninsula Umpires Association

Major League Umpires

Marietta Umpires Association

Merrimack Valley Umpires Assoc

Metropolitan (MD) Baseball Umpires Association

Mid Atlantic Officials

Mid-America Collegiate Umpires Association

Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic

Mid-American Umpire Clinic

Midwest Umpires Inc.

Newcastle (Australia) Baseball Umpires Association

North of the Border Umpire Clinics

Northumberland Baseball Umpires Association

Nothern Vermont Baseball Umpires Association

The Official Forum - Baseball

Officials' Software

Pacific Baseball Umpires

Pinellas County Umpires

Poplar Creek Umpires Association

Professional Baseball Umpire Corp.

The Referee/Umpire Home Page

Roanoke Baseball & Softball Officials Association

Rules of Major League Baseball

Salem Umpires Association

San Diego (CA) County Baseball Umpires Association

South Jersey Umpire's Association

South Texas Umpire Clinic

Southern Berks County Umpires of Pennsylvania

Southern Colorado Sports Officials Association

Staten Island Baseball Umpires Association

Steve O's Baseball Umpire Resources

Sutherland Shire Baseball Umpires Association

Tara Umpires Association

Texas Association of Sports Officials Austin Baseball Umpires Chapter

Texas Association of Sports Officials-Beaumont Chapter

Triangle Umpires Association


Umpire's Resource Center

Umpires Association of Northern Indianapolis

Video Ump

Washington County (RI) Umpire's Association

Western North Carolina Officials Association

Western Suffolk Baseball Umpires Association

William S. Hart PONY Umpires

Windsor (ONT) Umpires

You Make The Call [Rules Trivia]

Youth League Umpires

Zebra Sports

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