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International: Netherlands
All In Honkbal Veldhoven

Almere90 Junioren 2

Almere90 junioren3

B.S.C. Gladiators Klijndijk

Baseball and Softball Club Den Haag ADO

Baseball and Softball Club Twins

BC The Herons

BSA Allmere '90

BSC Caribe

bsc Quick Amersfoort

BSV de Zuidvogels

De Bad Dudes

De Nederlandse honkbalsite

Domstad Dodgers Batting Stats

DSS Baseball 4

E.S.H.V. THE Studs

European Baseball School

Grand Slam News

Green Hearts honkbal en softbal

Gryphons 's-Hertogenbosch

h.s.v. EuroStars

H.S.V. Keytown Hitters

Hague Storks Baseball and Softball Club


Hengelo Giants

Honk en Softball Club Allen Weerbaar
Official Site

Honk- en Softbalvereniging Wyck Lions

Honkbal fotos hoofdklasse

Honkbal, softbal en jeu de boules club, Zaandam

Hoofddorp Pioniers

Hoofddorp Pioniers

JRC Ducks

Keystone Stealers Boxmeer


MULO Baseball and Softballclub Helmond

Red Caps Venray

Robur 58 Apeldoorn

Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Federation

Run'71 Oldenzaal

Seb and Mischa's Baseball Site

Soft- en Honkbalvereniging Bedrocks te Emmen

Spikes Aspiranten

SV Wassenaar

Tex Town Tigers

TIW Survivors

TIW Survivors 2

Tiw/Survivors 1

UVV Heeren 2

V.H.C. Blue Socks

WSB Apeldoorn

Zoetermeerse Base- and Softball Vereniging

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