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International: Japan
Chiba Lotte Marines
Official Site

Chunichi Dragons
Official Site

Daiei Hawks
Official Site

The Globalization Project In Baseball

Hanshin Tigers
Official Site

Hiroshima Toyo Carp
Official Site

J-ball e-group

Japan Baseball Daily

Japan Baseball Tours

Japanese Pro Yakyu

Jim Allen's Japanese Baseball Page

Kadena Air Base Eagles

Kintetsu Buffaloes
Official Site

Nippon Ham Fighters
Official Site

Orix Buffaloes
Official Site

The Professional Baseball Organization of Japan
Official Site (Japanese and English)

Seibu Lions
Official Site


Tokyo Hammers

Tokyo Yomiuri Giants
Official Site

Tsuzuki Little Senior

Yakult Swallows
Official Site

Yamano Red Eagles

Yokohama BayStars
Official Site

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