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International: Italy
25░ Youth International Tournament

A.S. Parma Baseball

A.S. Parma Baseball

A.S. San Giorgio Reggio Calabria

Adler Baseball Bolzano

Albisola Baseball Spring League

Annunci Baseball e Softball

B.C.M. Baseball

Baseball Club Codogno

Baseball Club Grosseto

Baseball Club Langhirano

Baseball e Softball Cesena

Baseball Italia

Baseball Siciliano

Baseball Softball Club Dragons Castelfranco Veneto

Baseball Softball Club Godo

Baseball Softball Club Rovigo


Bollate Baseball

Bolzano Baseball

Bulldogs Athletic Club Cernusco S/N

CALI Roma XIII - Baseball & Softball

Caserta Baseball Club

Dynos Verona Baseball Softabll

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball - Abruzzo-Molise

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball - Emilia Romagna

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball - Toscana

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball - Umbria

FIBS Comitato Regionale Marche

Fortitudo Baseball Bologna

Giovani della SocietÓ Fortitudo BC

Italian Baseball Federation

Italian Baseball Tours

Italian Winter League

Junior Grosseto Baseball

Junior Parma


Links in Italiano

Lions Nettuno
Official Site

Macerata Angels

Malnate Vikings Baseball

Marconi Baseball Spoleto

Milano Baseball 1946

Modena Baseball Club

Montefiascone Baseball

Nettuno Baseball

Novara Baseball

Old Rags

Perugia Baseball

Pixies Bolzano

Polisportiva Baseball Softball Bovisio Masciago

Porta Mortara B.S.C.

Porto Sant'Elpidio Baseball

Porto Sant'Elpidio Baseball

Rangers Redipuglia

Rimini Baseball Club

San Giacomo Baseball

San Martino Baseball Junior

Santa Sabina Genova

Seagulls Scuola

Senago BC

Sito Ufficiale del B.C. Teramo

Surfers Basc

Tuscany Series

Warriors Grosseto

Yellow Team Sassari Baseball

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