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International: Canada
Ajax Spartans

Alexander Park

Barrie Baycats

Baseball BC

Baseball Canada
Official Site

Baseball Canada Cup
Official Site

Brampton Battlecats

Brampton Cardinals

Brantford Braves

British Columbia Premier Baseball League

Calgary Cardinals

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Canadian Elite Baseball Conference

Canadian MLB Player Registry

Central Ontario Baseball Association Major League

Chilliwac Storm

Easton Toronto Major Baseball League
Official Site

Guelph Silvercreeks

Inter-County Major Baseball League

Intercounty Major Baseball League

Junior Inter-County Baseball Association

Les Ailes du Quebec


Ligue de baseball senior du Québec

Ligue de Baseball Senior Rive-Sud

Ligue de Baseball Élite du Québec

London Badgers

Metro Intermediate Baseball League

Metro Intermediate Baseball League

Muenster Red Sox

National Capital Baseball League

Ontario Falcons Baseball

Ontario Renegades

Oshawa Dodgers

Oshawa Dodgers Fan Site

Ottawa Knights

Ottawa Silverbacks

Ottawa Stingrays

Ottawa White Sox

PeeWee National Championships

Premier Baseball League of Ontario

The Professional Baseball Factory

Quebec Senior Regional (Montreal)

Red Deer Riggers

Richmond Budgies

Sackville Chiefs

SIte Officiel des Cubs de Repentigny

St.Thomas Tomcats Jr. Intercounty Baseball

Stratford Storm

Team Saskatchewan

Trail Orioles

Windsor, Ontario and area

Woodstock Wranglers

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