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International: Australia
ACT Eagles

Adelaide Aces

All Stars Lightning Baseball Club

Australian Baseball Federation

Australian Baseball History

Australian Baseball Links

Ballarat City Brewers

Baulkham Hills Baseball Club

Canterbury Bankstown Vikings

Castle Hill Knights

Cheltenham Rustlers

Cronulla Sharks

Cronulla Sutherland Baseball Club Inc.

East Belmont Saints

Flintoff & Dunn's Australian Major League Baseball

Frankston Baseball Club

Geelong Baseball Association

Hills Junior Baseball Association

Hills TeeBall

Ingleburn Magpies

Kellyville Kolts

Ku-Ring-Gai Stealers

Maitland Mavericks

Melbourne Demons Baseball Club

Mount Pritchard Mounties

Mustangs Baseball

Nerang Cardinals

North Balwyn Baseball Club

North Shore Knights

North Sydney Leagues Baseball Club

NSW Junior Baseball League

Pacific Coast Baseball League

Panton Hill Redbacks

Penrith Baseball Club

Port Adelaide District Baseball Club

Port Melbourne Baseball Club

Southern Districts Baseball Club

Southern Districts Winterball

St Kilda Baseball Club

Sturt Saints

Sunshine Coast Region Baseball

Surfers Paradise

Sydney Metropolitan League

Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival

Victorian Secondary Schools Sports Association

Waverley Wildcats

West Stirling Indians

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