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1918: Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox

1919 Black Sox

9 Innings: A Baseball Reader

All-Time League Leadership Rankings

Ballplayers and the Armed Forces

Baseball Almanac

Baseball Blues

The Baseball Encyclopedia During World War II

Baseball Generations

Baseball Historian

Baseball History in Mission City, B.C.

Baseball History on the Web

Baseball History: 19th Century Baseball

Baseball in New Orleans

Baseball in the 1990's

Baseball in Utica, N.Y.

Baseball in Wartime

The Baseball Index

Baseball Reliquary

Baseball: History and Spirit

CBA for Fans

Cranks, Rooters & Fans of The Woodlands

Doc Lawson's Vintage Base Ball Page

East Coast Baseball History

Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers

Fort Myers Baseball History

Frankly Ballpark

Freight Train's Vintage Base Ball Website

Game Six: 1975 World Series

Glory Days: Baseball in NY 1947-1957
Fee required.

Graphical History of Baseball
Michael Bein

Greater Mercer County Baseball

Greatest Baseball Teams of All Time

Greenwood, Mississippi Minor League Baseball History

The Hall-Ruggles Chapter of SABR in Dallas-Fort Worth

Hartford Vintage Base Ball Invitational

Her curves were too much for them

Historic Baseball
Baseball Obituaries for 2001, 2002. Player and Team profiles. South Carolina players in the Majors.

Historical Hot Stove

History 335: American Baseball History
Belmont University

The House of David Baseball Team Research Project

Infoplease Baseball Almanac

Law, Politics & the National Pastime

Major League Baseball's Best Of All Time

The Mendoza Line

Minor League History

Minor League Researcher

Mr. Baseball

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

National Pastime
Baseball History

NetShrine - Baseball's Best

NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture

Nineteenth-Century Base Ball Pictures on the World Wide Web

Nisei Baseball Research Project

Old Time Boston Baseball & World Series News

Old Timers' Baseball Assn. of Chicago


Original Baseball Research

Personal Web Page di Stefano Quaino

Pre-World War Two Hall of Famers

Professional Baseball Franchise Histories

SABR's Top 100 Players of the 20th Century
Baseball Weekly

Seattle's Baseball History

Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

Society for American Baseball Research UK


Subway Series

The Sweet Summer of Orie Arntzen

This Great Game

Today in Baseball History

Today in Baseball Online

Two Old Ballgames

Tyler, Texas Minor League History

The Unofficial 1927 New York Yankees Home Page

Vintage Base Ball Association

Vintage Base Ball Images

When It Was A

Wilmington Baseball History

OurSports Central: Providing Major League Coverage of Our Sports


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