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Fantasy & Rotisserie Baseball: Leagues
The (G.W.) Bush fantasy baseball league

1st Fantasy Baseball

Abner Doubleday Memorial League

Action Baseball League

All Time Fantasy Baseball

America's Favorite Pastime Fantasy Baseball League

American Association Rotisserie Baseball League

American Baseball League

Another Internet Baseball League


Armchairsports Fantasy Sports Leagues

ASBL Strat-O-Matic Baseball League


Atlanta Firecrakcer League

Bantam A.L. Fantasy Baseball League

Baseball 2001

Baseball GM

Beanball Rotisserie Baseball League

Berks Montgomery Chester Rotisserie Baseball Association

Big Fly Fantasy League

Bill Veeck's Leg

Bizarro League

Bleacher Creature Baseball League

BML Fantasy Baseball League

Bogus American Baseball Association

Boxscore Baseball League

Boxscore Sports

Boys of Summer Simulated Baseball League

Brown Fantasy Baseball League

Budman's Rotisserie Baseball


The Califronia Fantasy Baseball Leauge

Canadian Baseball League

Capital Baseball League

Carl's Baseball Confederacy

Cascade Mountain Fantasy Baseball

Catskill Mountain Strat-O-Matic Baseball League

Central Jersey Rotisserie League

The Century League

CFCL Internet Headquarters

Chris Cosenza Internet Baseball League

Classic League Of American Baseball

Classic Simulated Baseball League

Competitive Fantasy Sports Leagues

Competitive Fantasy Sports Leagues

Confluence of Dragons Fantasy Baseball League

Continental Baseball Association

Crazy Jay's Baseball League

Cub Fan Club League

DBL Baseball League

Dead BallPlayers Society

DMB Pennant Race

Dump Bud - A Keeper League

Durham International Starball


Elite Baseball League

Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Fantasy Baseball Keeper League

A Fantasy Game

Fantasy Sports Invitational Challenge

Fantasy Sportzgames

FGML Homepage

Fisher Avenue Baseball League

Franchise Computer Baseball League

Franchise Roto League

The Front Office Baseball League

Gammonsonian Diamonds Rotisserie Baseball League

Grand Slam Baseball League

Grand Slam Fantasy Baseball 2000

Grand Slam Fantasy Baseball League

Great American Pastime League

Hall of Fame League

Hardcore Fans Baseball League

Hendrum Lending Library Fantasy Baseball

Hicks Fantasy Baseball League

The Holey Cow Baseball League

Hollywood League Fantasy Baseball

Holy Cow! Grandstand Fantasy Baseball League

Hot Air Saloon League

HTS League


Inside Corner Fantasy Baseball

International Computer Baseball League

International Replay Baseball League

Internet Baseball Association (IBA)

Internet Baseball League

Internet Baseball League

Internet Simulated Baseball League

Iron City Rotisserie League History Page

Jesse's Louisville (KY) Fantasy Baseball League

Kiki Cuyler Rotissiball Alliance

League of Champions (LOC)

Limestone Fantasy Baseball

London Tabletop Baseball League

Longball Derby League

Louisiana Fantasy APBA League

Luis Gomez Memorial League

Lumber & Lightnin' Baseball League

Magnolia League

Mail 3

Maine Roto Baseball League

Major League Fantasy Baseball

Major Medical League Rotisserie Baseball

Makiwolf Fantasy Baseball Homepage

Metro Atlanta Rotisserie Baseball League (MARBLE)

Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball

Mike's Fantasy Baseball: Season #15

MLB Xtreme Sim League

The Molson Baseball League

Mountain Top Keeper League

Murphy's Rotisserie Baseball League

National Internet League

New Indianapolis Players' League

New Jersey Roto Baseball League

No Fehr Rotisserie League

No Time for Chores

Northeast Ohio Fantasy Baseball Club

Northstar League

The Official BBL Web Site

Oldtimers League

ON DECK Baseball Association

Outlaws League

Owners' League Baseball

Past and Present Fantasy Leagues

Pastime Strat-O-Matic Baseball League

Pinks Picks

PPL-EFOD Leagues

Professional Simulated Baseball League

Puget Sound Computer Baseball

Puget Sound Sports League

REAL Simulation Baseaball

Regal League Baseball

Richmond Strat Baseball League

The Rocket League

Ron Blomberg Rotisserie League

Roto Fantasy Baseball League

Sandlot Sluggers Baseball League

Scandinavian-American Fantasy Sports Commission

Scoresheet Canada Baseball League Baseball Pools

The Sports Attic

Statheads Fantasy Baseball

Suburban Maryland Anthropomorphic Baseball League

Susquehanna Valley Strat-O-Matic Baseball League

Taco Bell Rotisserie League

Texas League

This Bud Selig's For You! League


Top of the Dungeon Rotisserie League

Triple Play 2K Elite League

Triple Play Baseball League

Turlock Strat-O-Matic League

Tweener Fantasy Baseball League

United Baseball League

USAC 2000

The USML Rotisserie Baseball League

Vida Blue Fantasy Baseball League


The Washington Senators

We Are The Show

We Can't Get Dates Roto Baseball League

Western Hills Rotisserie Baseball League

Western New York Fantasy Baseball

Windows Internet Baseball League

Wisconsin Baseball Association

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