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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Wisconsin
Appleton Legends

Bay City Sturgeons

De Pere River Bandits

Eau Claire Cavaliers

Everest Merchants

Everest Merchants

Green Bay Billy's

Home Talent Baseball League

Hudson River Rats

La Crosse Athletics

Madison Ravens

Manitowoc Bandits

McGinn's Muskies

Milwaukee Baseball League

Milwaukee Orioles

Milwaukee Senators

Milwaukee Senior Baseball League

Milwuakee Sox

New Berlin Lakers

New Richmond Millers

Northeast WI Men's Senior Baseball League

Prescott Pirates

Sheboygan A's

Slinger Stingers

Sparta Miller

St. Croix Ravens

Superior Lakers

Trysting Place Rangers

West Allis Nationals

West Allis Nighthawks

Wisconsin Amateur Baseball Organization

Wisconsin State Baseball League

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