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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Texas
Fort Worth Baseball Federation

Arlington Area Men's Senior Baseball League

Austin Metro Baseball League

Austin Sidewinders

Austin Town Ball Association

Austin Yankees

Burkburnett Blacksox

Burleson Bulls

Coastal Baseball League

Coastal Baseball League

Cowtown Amateur Baseball League

Dallas Amateur Baseball Association

Dallas Barons

Dallas Mexican American Baseball League

Dallas MSBL

Dallas Orioles

Dallas/Ft. Worth NABA

DFW Baseball

DFW Diamondbacks

East Texas Adult Baseball League

East Texas NABA

Fort Worth Mudcats

Fort Worth Rangers

Galveston Bay Raiders

Houston Angels

Houston Apollos

Houston Crawdads

Houston Cubs

Houston Grizzlies 35+ Baseball Club

Houston Mudcats

Houston N.A.B.A.

Houston NABA

Houston Raiders Baseball

Houston SkySox

League City Rangers

Rocktown Baseball League

San Antonio Men's Senior Baseball League

Sharyland StingRays

South Texas Baseball League

Sunday Baseball Pickup League

Temple Legends

Texas Amateur Baseball Association

Texas Barons Athletic Assoication

Texas Desperados

Fort Worth

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