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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Ohio
Akron Cardinals

Akron Cardinals Baseball

Akron Lasiks

Akron Storm

Barberton Barons

Bay Village Cardinals

Beavercreek Community Athletic Association

Central Ohio MABL

Cheviot Patriots

Cincinnati Chiefs

Cincinnati Cobalts

Cincinnati Falcons

Cincinnati Hilltoppers

Cleveland Mosquitoes

Cleveland Roy Hobbs

Columbus Barracudas

Columbus Hammerhead Sharks

Columbus Men's Senior Baseball League

Dayton Astros

Dayton Rangers

Dayton/Springfield Adult Fall Baseball League

Delta Athletics Semi-Pro Baseball

Greater Akron AA League

Lake County Knights

Lake Erie Lizards

Lima Buckeyes

Meridians Baseball

Monroe Angels

NatureStone Bulls

Northern Ohio Mens Baseball League

Ohio Adult Baseball Association

Ohio Thunder

Ohio Warhawks

Ohio Woodpeckers

Olmsted Falls Bulldogs

Portage South Baseball

River City Bashers Semi Pro Baseball

Rossford SkyHawks

SkyHawks Baseball Club

Westlake Titans

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