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Amateur & Semi-Pro: New York
Albany Athletics

Albany Twilight League

Bay Ridge Clippers

Bay Shore Diamondbacks

Bayside Thunder

The Beers

Bronx Padres

Bronx Royals

Bronx Royals

Brooklyn's Amateur Baseball Club

Chappaqua Clippers

Clarkstown Tigers

Downtown Bulls

Elmhurst Mets

Empire Baseball Group

Erie-Buffalo Baseball Club

FDNY Bravest

Growler Baseball

Keegan Growlers

Mad Dogs NYC

Massapequa Pride

Mohawk Valley Baseball League

New City Outlaws

New York Boars

New York City Cyclones

New York City Metro Baseball League

New York City Renegades

New York Knights

New York Mariners

New York Rip Tide

New York Royals

New York Seminoles

New York SunDevils

Northport Goodfellas

NY Outlaws

NYC 4 On 4 Baseball League

NYC Defenders

NYC Mets

NYPD Finest

NYS Court Officer Baseball

Oceanside Stingrays

Olean Lumberkings

Park Ridge Braves

PC Rye Athletics

Pine Bush Astros

Pleasantville Red Sox

Queens Red Sox

Queens Red Sox

RBI Baseball

Rochester Men's Senior Baseball League

Rochester NABA Baseball

Sayre Black Diamonds

Steuben Chemung Adult Baseball League

United Brooklyn Baseball League

Westchester/Rockland Wood Bat League

Zone Baseball League

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