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Amateur & Semi-Pro: New Jersey
Amateur Baseball Association, Inc.

BBQ Outlaws

Bloomfield Bombers

Bridgewater Diamond Dogs

Clifton Cardinals

Clifton Hawks

Clifton Wildcats

Collingswood Reds

Edison Astros

Essex Clippers

Frontier Deptford Lumberkings

Hanover Morris Majors

Irvington Cardinals

Jersey Barons

Jersey City Brewers

Kearny Rangers

A League Of Our Own

Marlboro Isotopes

Middlesex Reds

MSM Sports of New Jersey

Mutineer Baseball League

New Brunswick Pirates

New Jersey Cardinals

New Jersey Independent Basebal League

New Jersey Knights

New Jersey Senators

NJ Bulldogs

NJ Storm

North Jersey Amateur Baseball League

North Jersey Majors-Met League

NY/NJ White Sox

Paterson Black Sox

Perth Amboy Red Sox

Raritan Valley Indians

Raritan Valley National Adult Baseball Association

Roughriders Baseball

Roxbury Barnstormers

Sayreville Giants

Sayreville Royals

Tri-State Arsenal

Tri-State NABA

The Tribe

Tuckahoe Rangers

Union Knights

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