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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Minnesota
Ada Athletics

Arlington A's

Austin Town Team Baseball

Bloomington Bandits

Buffalo Bulldogs

Carlos Cougars

Central Valley League

Chaska Cubs

Chaska Diamonds 35+

The Classic League

Cold Spring Springers Amateur Baseball Club

Cottage Grove Coyotes

Crow River Valley Baseball League

Delano Athletics

Duluth Xpress

Dundas Dukes

Eden Valley Hawks

Elko Express

ESOX Baseball

Forest Lake Brewers

Glencoe Brewers

Hamburg Hawks

Hastings Hawks

Hort Hurricanes

Howard Lake Orphans

Jackson Bulls

Jordan Brewers

Kimball Express

Litchfield Blues

Lonsdale Aces

Marble Mallards

Metro Merchants Baseball Club

Minneapolis Angels

Minneapolis Blue Sox

Minneapolis Millers

Minnesota Amateur Rankings

Minnesota Baseball Association

Minnesota Class A Amateur Baseball

Minnesota Lake Royals

Minnetonka Saints

Montgomery Mallards

Monticello Polecats

Moorhead Brewers

New Munich SilverStreaks

North Star League

North Star Senior Baseball League

Northfield Knights

Park National Baseball League

Pine City Pirates

Prior Lake

Proctor Padres

Randolph RailCats

Red Wing Aces

Regal Eagles

Riverview League

Rochester Royals

Rosetown A's

Saint Paul Shamrocks

St. Cloud Orthopedic Sports Center Ice

St. Louis Park Men's Amateur Baseball Team

St. Michael Saints

St. Patrick Irish

St. Paul Men's Amateur Baseball

Stewartville-Racine Sharks

Stockmen's Irish

Tri City Shark

Twin Cities Men's Adult Baseball League

Ultimate Sports Grillers

Union Hill Bulldogs

Veseli Warriors

Victoria Vic's Baseball

Webster Sox

Wilmont Cardinals

Woodbury Warriors

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