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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Massachusetts
Al Thomas Club

Baseball and The Boston Park League

Baseball Clubs of Cape Cod

Boston Amateur Baseball League

Boston Men's Baseball League

Boston Park League

Boston Senators

Boston Townies

Boston White Sox

Boston Yankees

Brookline Dodgers

Cranberry Baseball League

Dighton Baseball Softball League

East Boston Blue Sox

East Boston Bluefish

East Coast Amateur Baseball League

East Coast Amateur Baseball League

Haverhill Diamonds

Hingham Phillies

Hockomock Amateur Baseball League

Intercity League

Malden Bulldogs

Massachusetts Semi-Pro Baseball Association

McKay Club Bull Dogs of Boston

Medford Maddogs

MetroWest ABL League

North Shore Baseball League

Over Thirty Baseball

Quabbin Valley Over-30 Baseball

Quincy Grays

Revere Rockies

Royals Baseball Club

Somerville Higlander Alumni/Alibrandis

Somerville Senators

South Coast Baseball League

Southeastern Massachusetts Baseball League

St. Mary's High School

Team New England

Yawkey Baseball League of Boston

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