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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Maryland
Baltimore Baseball League

Baltimore Black Sox

Baltimore County Over 30 Baseball League

Baytown River Bandits

Carroll Blue Sox

Casa Mia Gators

Charles-St. Mary's Baseball League

Charm City Tigers

Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League

Cooper Cleaning Semipro

DC Metro Dragons

Dundalk Mariners

Eddie Brooks League

Father Son Baseball Classic

Frederick Cardinals

Gaithersburg High School

Hagerstown Braves

Harford County Over 30 League

Jefferson Dodgers

Loch Raven Cubs

LTRC Over 30 Baseball League

LTRC Over 30 Orioles

Lutherville Dodgers

Lutherville Longhorns

Maryland Amateur Baseball Association

Maryland Hurricanes

Maryland Outlaws

MedTek Assault

Mid-Maryland Semi-Pro Baseball League

Midtown Panthers

Redwood Panthers

Southern Maryland Men's Senior Baseball Club, Inc.

Spring Grove Baseball Club

Susquehanna League SemiPro Baseball

Taylorsville Titans

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