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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Illinois
Alton Eagles

Arlington Heights Aeros

Big River Blues

Cary Yankees


Chicago Browns

Chicago Central Suburban MSBL

Chicago Devils

Chicago Gators

Chicago Hi-Tops

Chicago Hornets

Chicago Knights Baseball

Chicago Longhorns

Chicago Lugnuts

Chicago Metropolitan Baseball Association

Chicago MSBL Central Cardinals

Chicago Mudcats

Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League

Chicago Reds

Chicago River Bandits

Chicago Stingrays

Chicago Titans

Chicago Zephyrs

Downers Grove Dodgers

Dupage Co. Diamond Dogs

Edwardsville Stags

Evergreen Park Diamondbacks

Homer Blues

Illinois Owls

Marcley Oilers

Maywood Mustangs

Midwest Suburban League

MSL White Sox

New 30's Hegewisch Baseball League

Northside Fury

Northwest Storm

Oak Lawn Astros

Oak Lawn Bluejays

Prairie Gravel Baseball

Quincy Gems

Rockford Bandits

Schaumburg Weasels

Skyscraper Baseball League

South Side Wooden Bat League

Southern Illinois Bullets

Waterloo Buds

West Lawn Devils

Westmont Red Sox

Wheaton Wildcats

Winnimac Electrons

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