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Amateur & Semi-Pro: Canada
Armena Axemen

Association of Toronto Baseball Players

Birtle Blue Jays

Brandon Cloverleafs

Burlington (ON) Vintage Baseball

Calgary Longhorns

Canadian Thunderbirds

Capital City Crushers

Foothills Major Baseball Association

Hamilton Astros

Kitchener Panthers Baseball Club

Laurier de Victoriaville

Lethbridge Bulls

Ligue baseball senior Chaudiere-Appalache

Ligue de baseball Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

Lower Mainland (BC) Baseball Association

Manitoba Senior Baseball League

Mississauga Men's Baseball League

National Capital Baseball League

Pocomens Baseball
British Columbia

Richmond Hill Men's Recreational Baseball League

Royal City Baseball League

Saskatoon Yellow Jackets

Saskatoon Yellowjackets

South Simcoe Minor Baseball Association

St. Catharines Metros

Swift Current Indians

Victoria Royals

Western Major Baseball League

Woodside Cubs

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