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Amateur & Semi-Pro: California
A&C; Baseball League

American Mortgage Express

American Wood Bat League

Bay Area Mad Dogs

Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball League

Benders Baseball Club

Brentwood Yankees

Butte Sabres

California Glory

Cordova Redsox

Dodgertown West Baseball League

Folsom Pioneers

Golden State Dodgers

Halifax Baseball

High Desert Adult Baseball Association

Hollywood Stars

Huntington Beach Empire Baseball Club

Lacaba Athletics

Los Angels

NABA Orange County

Newport Beach Storm

Nor-Cal Pirates

NorCal Conference

Norcal Longhorns

Novato Knicks

Pacific Coast Baseball League

Rancho Cordova Dodgers

Redwood Empire Baseball League

Riverside Senators

Sacramento Braves

Sacramento National Adult Baseball Assoc.

San Diego A's

San Diego Adult Baseball League

San Diego Barona Stars

San Diego Blackjacks

San Diego CARS Red Dogs

San Diego Marlins

San Diego Reds

San Diego Sting

San Diego Storm

San Diego Wave

San Francisco Angels

San Francisco Isotopes

San Francisco NABA

San Francisco Seagulls

San Francisco Seals

San Jose Royals

SDABL Padres


Seaside Knights

Semi-Pro League Baseball

Southern California Adult Baseball League

Southern California White Sox

Tri-Valley Giants

Tri-Valley Men's Senior Baseball League

Valley Baseball League - NABA

Ventura Dodgers

Victor Valley Vandals


West Covina Brewers

Western Baseball Association

Yesco Dodgers

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